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Adelante: Shoes Done Differently

We are thrilled to welcome Adelante Shoes to the RevUp family, marking another exciting addition to our growing portfolio of e-commerce superstars.

Adelante is more than a fast growing company. They abide by a business model and philosophy where quality AND equality go hand in hand. Here's the scoop:

Adelante Shoes founder and CEO Peter Sacco was a 16-year-old surfer when he visited Latin America for the first time. Expecting paradise, he was shocked to discover poverty and social inequality on a scale previously unimagined.

Peter was struck by the potential of Latin America and its people, and resolved himself to become part of the movement that would realize their promise.

He started working for a non-profit to build stoves for indigenous women in Guatemala and interned for the State Department in Mexico City. But he soon realized that his non-profit work didn’t address the root of poverty, and government was too slow and had competing interests.

So, he turned to the sector he once shunned as the greatest perpetrator of social injustice: for-profit business. And with that, Adelante was born. The idea: create full time jobs that pay people enough to live well with their families would result in effective and sustainable economic development.

Today, Adelante offers customers around the world the highest quality, custom made shoes created by Guatemalan craftsmen who are paid enough to live well in their communities. (you can read more about the "living well line" Peter and his team live by here.)

Adelante shoes are on par with the highest quality footwear in the market at a fraction of the price. They use a made-to-order model that delivers a personalized pair direct from Guatemala within 10 days of placing an order. Moreover, customers are connected with their shoemaker throughout the production process.

These shoes are comfortable and impactful! Check it out and get a pair today!

Seguimos Adelante!

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