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Growth Marketing Top Picks for February

We read. You feed.

The RevUp growth team keeps a close eye on hot topics, emerging trends, and new tools. Each month we pick a few of our favorites articles or videos to share. Here are the top picks for February:

1. You Can Write the Internet's Best Article on Any Subject - Here's How

Got a great idea for a blog post, but somebody's already written about it? Follow these step-by-step instructions for standing out and getting attention. Read On

2. What B2B Brands Need to Know to Succeed on LinkedIn

Quick read, but most of the advice boils down to this: Even if you're a B2B company, you're still selling to people (even if there are multiple stakeholders). Content must speak to what people want: actionable insights and emotional connection. Read On  

3. Why Persona's Fail

Because they’re abstract, personas have been misunderstood and misused over the years. They get created and they often fail for a number of reasons. This article (targeting toward UX/UI folks) breaks down the most common pitfalls that cause personas to fail and provide strategies for future success. Read On

4. Unconventional Ways to Promote Blog Content on Social Media

This video-focused article by Content Marketing Institute has some good ideas on how to creatively promote blog content on social to get the most impact. Read On

5. Beyond BuzzFeed: How I Used Quizzes to Generate 10,000+ Qualified Leads

Interactive content is becoming increasingly important and finding ways to incorporate interactivity is a top priority for any company that leans on content to drive sales. This article has a good breakdown of the steps you need to take to start thinking through how to build a quiz that will engage prospects AND sort for qualified leads. Read On

About the RevUp Growth Team

Nothing unlocks potential like the right combination of cash and capacity. This is why RevUp pairs our cash investment with a science-driven process to accelerate growth AND the human resources to get it done.​ We deploy the RevUp growth team to our portfolio as part of our investment to expand a company's digital marketing capability. Under the direction of RevUp management, and in lockstep with company founders, the team evaluates, identifies, and then executes on a set of revenue-boosting growth opportunities. Trained across a full stack of tools, the growth team works with each portfolio company for ~12 month period following investment as part of our investment activity. More at

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