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Growth Team Top Picks: April

Not-to-be-missed growth marketing news, tips & tools

The RevUp growth team keeps a close eye on hot topics, emerging trends, and new tools. Each month we pick a few of our favorites articles or videos to share. Here are the top picks for the last month.

1. Harry’s Marketing Revealed: What We Learned from Reverse Engineering a $400 Million Startup (Case Study)
This case study takes a deeper dive into what Harry's did to take on Gillette. Focusing on knowing your customers and telling emotionally-driven story archetypes are just some of the key factors that led Harry's to $200 Million in revenue in 2017.

2. 20 Email Marketing Best Practices That Will Improve Results, by CoSchedule 
Good list of things to look to improve when wanting to open up email as a channel. While I don't agree with everything suggested, overall its a great checklist if you're looking for ways to improve email as a channel.

3. So You Missed Your Marketing Goals—Here's What to Do Next, by Databox Blog
Quick read with good perspective on what to do if you miss your goals with an experiment - what questions you should be asking and how to move forward.

4. Content Definition: What Are We Even Talking About?, by Content Marketing Institute
Great look at the varied definitions of content how these have changed as the field has evolved over time, and how a shared definition helps unify teams.

5. What Is Customer Journey Mapping and How to Start?
Customer Journey mapping is useful...if you do it right! Here Paul Boag breaksdown the details on the What, Why, and How of Customer Journey mapping and provided examples of what other companies have built for their customers.

With so much happening within the Facebook Ecosystem, we like how this article explains the Facebook Pixel in plain english. Knowing your data is crucial to making the right business decisions and pixels are one of (if not THE) most important tool for data collection. Knowing how it works and how to properly implement it is key to every online business.

7. The 10-minute Google AdWords Account Audit
Diligent account optimization is how you win the AdWords game. This is a well documented checklist for anyone to figure out where the account management is succeeding ,and where one might need to improve.

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