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Growth Team Top Picks: Best of Summer Edition

We do the hard work so you don't have to!

The RevUp growth team keeps a close eye on hot topics, emerging trends, and new tools. Here's our "Best Of" finds for Summer 2018.

How to produce content that drives conversions | Grow and Convert

Most high volume search traffic doesn't end up converting into customers, because it doesn't have what search marketers like to call "high purchase intent". Here's a framework for targeting searches that might be lower volume, but where a prospective "high intent" buyer is looking to find a solution to a problem. We like to target these higher intent searches with articles about pricing, competitor comparison, or specific product use cases.

Top mistakes that startups make with SEO | Kevin Indig

SEO is a tricky beast, and it is easy to make mistakes. Kevin runs SEO at Atlassian, and takes a look at 5 common missteps, and how to avoid or fix them. From starting your blog on Medium to not managing redirects correctly, we've seen (and corrected) each of these mistakes.

Getting ready for Black Friday on Facebook |

When should you get ready for Black Friday? (hint: not Thursday) Now that the smell of pumpkin spice everything is in the air, we've begun planning our Black Friday campaigns for our B2C companies. This article offers several good tips on driving traffic early, bundling, and getting your attribution for all that productive Black Friday ad spend correct.

Pitfalls of automated bidding in PPC | Search Engine Land

Google is smart, right? So they should be able to handle ad bidding for you, no problem. Yes, but... This geeky post takes a deep dive into how to transition to automated bidding while keeping your ROAS intact. We like these tips especially for low volume PPC accounts, where a smaller spend gives the Google machine less to learn from.

10 Things That Would Have Helped Me Go From $1M to $10M Faster with Less Stress | SaaStr

Getting up this curve is mission critical. And hard as hell. If the headline of this piece doesn't get you to click, not sure what will!

About RevUp Capital

RevUp Capital is a non-equity investment fund for companies moving fast up a revenue-driven growth curve. The RevUp platform pairs cash investment with a science-driven process to turbo charge growth and the tools and human capital to get it done. Core to this capacity is our in-house growth marketing team, which we deploy to our portfolio companies in tandem with our cash investment for ~12 months post investments. RevUp is led by an experienced team with 130+ investments under management. The RevUp fund currently has active investments in Boston, NYC, Pittsburgh, Washington, DC, Baltimore, and recently expanded to Raleigh N.C.

About the RevUp Growth Team

Nothing unlocks potential like the right combination of cash and capacity. This is why RevUp pairs our cash investment with a science-driven process to accelerate growth AND the human resources to get it done.​ We deploy the RevUp growth team to our portfolio as part of our investment to expand a company's digital marketing capability. Under the direction of RevUp management, and in lockstep with company founders, the team evaluates, identifies, and then executes on a set of revenue-boosting growth opportunities. Trained across a full stack of tools, the growth team works with each portfolio company for ~12 month period following investment as part of our investment activity. More at

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