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Happening Now: Pittsburgh, NYC & Raleigh Screenings are Booking Fast

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RevUp invests in B2B and B2C companies that are moving fast up a revenue-fueled growth curve. Companies receive $100K-250K in non-dilutive cash, a science-driven process to accelerate growth, and the human resources to get it done.​

Upcoming Screening Dates

Pittsburgh: April 17-19

New York City: April 25-27

Raleigh, N.C.: May 30

Boston: April 13, April 23 & May 3

To request a review, please complete this prescreening form.

About RevUp Capital

RevUp Capital is a non-equity investment fund for companies moving fast up a revenue-driven growth curve. The RevUp platform pairs cash investment with a science-driven process to turbo charge revenue growth, while our in-house digital marketing growth platform gives our companies the tools and the human capital to get it done.

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Repeatable revenue with month-over-month growth (most enter in $500K-$3M range)
  • High quality team with proven execution ability
  • Readiness to grow faster and capacity to absorb resources 

Funding Mechanics:

  • Cash investment 
  • Dedicated access to RevUp's in-house digital marketing growth team for an intensive 12 month period post investment  
  • Active support RevUp management, an experienced team with 120+ investments under management
  • 36-month return period with revenue royalty ranging from 4-8%, no equity

Read more about how we invest or learn about how the RevUp growth team works. We select investments on a rolling basis and conduct monthly screening meetings each month. If you are interested in being considered for investment, or wish request a screening meeting, please complete this prescreening form. More at

To request a review meeting please complete this prescreening form. Need help? Email us.

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