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Investment Spotlight: Global Data Consortium

Global Data Consortium is a data-as-a-service company with a cloud-based platform for global identity verification. For businesses that need to know the identities of customers all over the world, GDC provides streamlined access to local, in-country reference data for instant verification.

This Raleigh, N.C. company can support identity verification in 20+ countries. How? GDC’s data partner team travels the world in search of the best available electronic identity services in each country. They look for local partners who build and maintain identity verification services in their home country and who support a wide base of in-country customers. Why are these criteria so important? Because the devil is in the details of global electronic identity verification.

What is global electronic identity verification? More and more companies are required to know the true identities of their customers before doing business with them. On a global scale, how can you do this in a way that satisfies regulations and avoids bad actors without creating hurdles that drive away legitimate customers? This is where global electronic identity verification comes in. It uses independent reference data in a fast, low friction and affordable way to instantly verify the identities of customers, partners or counterparties no matter the person’s country of origin.

We are pleased to welcome GDC to the RevUp portfolio and are thrilled to now we actively investing the the Raleigh area!

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