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Investment Spotlight: Photosquared

We are thrilled to welcome Baltimore-based PhotoSquared int the RevUp portfolio.

PhotoSquared let's you take your favorite photos from your phone or Instagram account, and have them printed on 8"x8" PhotoSquares that safety adhere to almost any surface. It's dead simple: upload a few photos, push a few buttons and just a day or two later your images arrive ready-to-hang.

The photo squares are printed on matte finished, extremely light-weight photo boards. They stick to virtually any flat surface and are great for home, dorm rooms, offices, restaurants, boat cabins (still paying attention?)…most any wall space you can imagine. The squares are made in the USA, water resistant and UV protected (to prevent fading). Check out the video below to see how the magic happens.

In just the last year, customers from across the country have ordered more than 130,000 photo squares. If you want to free your photos from your phone and get amazing ready-to-hang prints delivered to your door, check out the Photosquared app today!

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