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July Top Picks from the RevUp Growth Team

We read so you can skim.

Here's the growth marketing / growth hacking news from July that we think deserves a second look.

Hubspot talks about "Scorched Earth Marketing" and how marketers shift from telling stories and engaging their audiences to focusing on meeting goals. They end up over-doing it with a particular channel and inevitably ruin it. Anytime a tool starts to work, marketers scale and beat their audience other head with it. We end up exhausting our audiences, which forces us to find new communication and content channels free of spam. This article is candid and even a bit damning at times, but a refreshing reminder that everything burns out of you use it to death.

This really interesting article from BuzzSumo looks at the type of headlines that get shared the most on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. The research boils down to making sure: 1. It’s clear why your reader should care. 2. Tell a story that incites curiosity. and 3. Headlines shouldn't be an afterthought.

From the article: "A headline may perform poorly on Facebook but work very well with a different audience on a different social network...The key is to research what resonates with your specific audience and to test your headlines."

Writing engaging landing page copy isn't easy to do. This article suggests four important things to keep in mind when crafting copy for a landing page, as well as questions to ask yourself to make sure your copy meets your consumer's expectations.

Neil Patel goes into detail regarding customer retention and talks about the importance of building customer loyalty for the long term. "Failure to work on your customer loyalty and improve customer retention plans will mean that your business is on a treadmill, trying to constantly win new customers just because you're losing so many existing ones..."

He breaks down how he understands why existing customers are leaving and then walks through his process for improving customer experience, as well as customer relationships. Not equally important for every company, but building a relationship with your customers and leveraging their loyalty can be very powerful for many.

More about the RevUp Growth Team

The RevUp growth team works directly with our portfolio companies to evaluate, identify, and execute on revenue growth opportunities. Trained across a full stack of marketing tools, the growth team works with each portfolio company for a ~6 month period following investment, free of charge. Our team is expert in emerging digital marketing techniques, which we put into action by designing and conducting growth experiments. We’ve enabled a variety of companies to grow faster and more predictably, with a focus on building the internal capacity they'll need to succeed over the long term.

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