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MarketMuse Sings a Sweet Song for Content Creators Everywhere

"A smarter tool for content marketing."

"A fantastic tool for identifying which content topics can generate the most traffic to your site."

"Content rated as ‘topically relevant’ (via MarketMuse) significantly outperforms content that doesn't cover a topic in-depth."

I tried to write a pithy intro for MarketMuse—a recent addition to the RevUp portfolio—but it made more sense to let the customer testimonials do the talking. There's a good reason why content creators are buzzing. MarketMuse works.

How? MarketMuse helps marketers measure and improve the quality of their content. By analyzing massive amounts of Web content on a given topic, MarketMuse generates outlines that show you how to cover that topic comprehensively. Armed with these insights, you can also measure the quality of your content against the best content on the Web, and make highly-targeted improvements to boost search rankings and make your content more compelling to target customers.

By automating content analysis, MarketMuse customers save hours of research time every day, and often see 2-5X improvements in search performance. Big gun science aside, MarketMuse has built a loyal following because they do what others cannot: turns sophisticated data into actionable insights.

Want to see the tool in action? Check out how Neil Patel uses MarketMuse to prove his case that more comprehensive content matters more in search:

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