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Me and a Dead Russian Author

by Melissa Withers

The breaking of a wave cannot explain the whole sea.

Russian novelist Vladimir Nabokov wrote that line in 1938. When I read it in 1996, I didn’t grasp its gravity. Today, I do: Much lies beyond what we can see in the moment. In this spirit, I am comforted to share with you how some RevUp companies are helping those in need and bringing a little joy into our lives.

Giving Back 💕

Save the Season
When the 2020 fly fishing season collapsed over night, Recur Outdoorsfounder Brian Runnels had one thought: how will fishing guides, many who live on thin margins for the love of the sport, survive a season without trips? Just a few days later he launched Save the Season, a fundraiser to help those who lost their businesses make it through the next few months.

Shoes to Stand Up For
Adelante, which makes ‘from cobbler to customer’ leather shoes WHILE giving Guatemalan artisans a fair share in the upside, launched the Pastores Fund. Adelante is using a portion of sales to provide essential goods to Guatemalan families impacted by Covid-19 and the unemployment left in its wake.

Baked With Love
Wicked Good Cookies is sending fresh baked treats to first responders, printed with personalized messages of support, matching your donation 1:1. Such an easy way to say thank you. This is also a perfect time to send custom printed cookies to co-workers, customers and family. Amazing how much little things matter these days.

Choose Kindness
Bird + Stone is donating 20% of Choose Kindness cuff sales to organizations that help those vulnerable during this COVID-19 crisis, including refugees and people struggling to meet their basic needs. How’s it work? Send an awesome gift (or treat yourself like I did) and community organizations get the extra help they need.

Learning at Home 🍎

Zoobean’s Badge Book is inspiring families to build a habit of reading that will outlast Covid-19. Badge Books are the perfect companion for any new homeschool parent, and they’ll keep kids engaged for hours.

Bird Brain Technology's kid-tested robotics kits are usually only available through schools. In March, they mobilized to get kits directly to parents, as well as launch free online classes to help kids unlock their STEM creativity with everyday household objects like cardboard! Want to keep your kids busy with robotics? Use code RevUpRobots for a friends & family discount.


Small Joys for Long Days 🧚🏽‍♂️

Felix Gray blue light blocking glasses...I am wearing mine as I write this. With all meetings now virtual, screen time has skyrocketed. I started using my pair last week and immediately felt relief.

Place your bets! Sometimes passive consumption of Netflix just isn’t enough to lift the spirit. A little wager, perhaps? Prize Picks has you covered. While fantasy sports are on hold, e-sports is booming and Prize Picks hasn’t missed a beat.


Dropping Wisdom 🙌🏽

TVP.NYCis using their logistics, fulfillment and e-comm expertise to help stores shuttered by Covid-19 transition to e-commerce sales. The TVP Reach Program is helping small and mid-size businesses that want to move online but don’t know where to start.

Companies need the right content at the right time to connect with customers. Market Muse helps organizations use machine learning and AI to create the most effective content. To help, Market Muse is now offering a 3-month free subscription to Market Muse Pro (amazing!), along with complimentary support sessions and resources.

Know Your Customers. Sounds easy, but when it comes to ensuring you correctly identify your customers online, Covid-19 has created a perfect storm of complexity. Global Data Consortium recently shared this post on how customers are using their Worldview product to survive, and thrive, in the mad rush to a fully virtual world.

The Other Stuff

The RevUp team has been working remote since March 13, which now seems so long ago. Like many of you, we are doing our best to stay connected virtually. We took a pause on making new investments in March to focus on helping our portfolio navigate the first few weeks of this awful time.

Seeing the grace, courage and humor of our founders during this time has been, hands down, a highlight of my career. As we now get back to the business of making new investments, I keep their ingenuity and integrity close to mind. I am so lucky to work with, and around, good people.

On behalf of our whole team, we hope you stay healthy and safe. Talk soon,


More About RevUp Capital
RevUp Capital is a non-equity investment fund for companies moving fast up a revenue-driven growth curve. The RevUp platform pairs cash investment with a science-driven process to turbo charge growth and the tools and human capital to get it done. Core to this capacity is our in-house growth marketing team, which we deploy to our portfolio companies in tandem with our cash investment for ~12 months post investments. RevUp is led by an experienced team with 130+ investments under management. More at

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