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Movin' on Up

Some exciting updates from the RevUp Growth Team

We've got news! As we forge into the new decade, we're thrilled to announce some happy changes within the RevUp Growth Team....

Raise a toast to Micaela Kamp! As one of the longest serving members of the RevUp growth team, Micaela has been an invaluable member of our crew. We’re thrilled to announce that Micaela has been promoted to Growth Team Manager. Micaela will continue to serve as a senior practitioner on the team, but will now work across the portfolio to coordinate the delivery of our Growth Platform for all new investments. Yaaaasssss!!

We’re also excited to share news that Nick Lee, a founding member of the RevUp growth team, has been promoted to Senior Growth Team Lead. This shift reflects the important role Nick plays in the ongoing evolution of how we deliver value through the RevUp Growth Platform and his amazing work across the portfolio. Woot Woot!

And in the "Fresh Faces" department, a slightly overdue welcome to Taylor Smith. Taylor joined us last fall as Growth Team Associate. No surprise that Taylor excelled through her orientation and is rapidly extending her work across the RevUp portfolio. Hello, Taylor!

Last but certainly not least, a warm welcome to Taysha Torino. The newest team member, Taysha has taken the role of Growth Team Lead. Taysha brings a wealth of marketing experience to the table, including skills she picked up while holding positions at Nic + Zoe and A.T. Cross Company. We expect you’ll see a lot of her in 2020. Welcome, Taysha!

About the RevUp Growth Team

RevUp uses a cash + capacity model to help B2B and B2C companies grow from $1-3M to $10-20M as quickly as possible. RevUp pairs its cash investment with support from an in-house growth marketing team, which works with each company for 12-months post investment. This capacity building is designed to help companies build a data-driven growth engine that will drive success today and into the future.

Why? At the bottom of this growth curve, the day-to-day demands of business building are intense, while bandwidth and resources are stretched thin. The result? Growth experimentation gets pushed to the back burner...and so does all the growth opportunity that comes with it.

The RevUp Growth Platform helps companies use science-based growth experimentation to grow faster, access a wider range of capital, and achieve better outcomes overall.

The Growth Platform’s battle-tested process is supported by three pillars:

  • People: Trained, full-time growth marketing staff that work exclusively with companies in the RevUp portfolio for 12-months post investment.
  • Technology: Preferred pricing, dedicated support, and expert-level implementation assistance on technology platforms proven to work for B2B and B2C businesses.
  • Partners: A pool of vetted contractors, agencies, and vendors that amplify and extend the reach of the RevUp platform.

This work is an important part of what we do and draws from our experience not only as investors, but as founders and operators who have walked many miles in these shoes!

As revenue-based investors, we win when our companies grow. We track data across the portfolio to ensure our process is working and companies continue to reach their growth goals.

A breakdown of our growth data: On average, RevUp companies grow 3.5X in 24 months, a 70% compound annual growth rate. 25% of the portfolio has experienced hyper growth (150% CAGR), 30% have experienced fast growth (50-100% CAGR), 35% have experienced moderate growth (25-50% CAGR), and 10% have experienced slow growth (<25% CAGR).

About RevUp Capital
RevUp Capital is non-equity investment for companies moving fast up a revenue-driven growth curve. We pair cash investment with support from the RevUp Growth Platform, a science-based and battle-tested approach to accelerating growth. Companies also receive active support from RevUp leadership, an experienced team with more than 130 investments under management.

For more information, please visit or via email at

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