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Nashville Screening Days: February 11-13

Moving fast up a revenue-fueled growth curve? Looking for non-dilutive funding and world-class support to double down on growth? If so, RevUp Capital might be right for you.

RevUp invests cash and capacity into B2B and B2C companies that are generating revenue, have a killer team, and plenty of room to run in the markets they serve. The fund uses a non-equity model to invest in a broad spectrum of revenue-driven companies, pairing cash investment and a science-driven process to turbocharge growth with the human capital to get it done.

This month, RevUp is in Nashville to meet with companies and deepen the fund’s network in the region. RevUp Managing Partner Melissa Withers will host office hours February 11-13. She'll also be on-hand to judge the startup competition at 3D World Experience 2020.

To request a meeting please complete this prescreening form or drop a line to

How RevUp Invests

RevUp pairs its cash investment with support from an in-house growth marketing team, which works with each company for 12-months post investment. Companies also receive active support from RevUp management, an experienced team with more than 130 investments under management.

RevUp invests in B2B and B2C companies that have revenue traction, a solid growth rate, and room to run in the markets they serve. Critical to our selection criteria is a strong team, readiness to grow faster, and the capacity to absorb the growth team resource.

Investment Mechanics

  • Cash investment of $100-$300K

  • Dedicated support of RevUp Growth Team for 12 months post-investment

  • Companies return investment through revenue over time (36-48 months; no equity)

  • Deal is capped—revenue contract terminates if growth exceeds expectations

About the RevUp Growth Team

RevUp uses a cash + capacity model to help B2B and B2C companies grow from $1-3M to $10-20M as quickly as possible. Capacity building is designed to help companies build a data-driven growth engine that will drive success today and into the future.

Why? At the bottom of this growth curve, the day-to-day demands of business building are intense, while bandwidth and resources are stretched thin. The result? Growth experimentation gets pushed to the back burner. And so does the growth opportunity that comes with it!

The RevUp Growth Platform helps companies use science-based growth experimentation to grow faster, access a wider range of capital, and achieve better outcomes overall. The Growth Platform’s battle-tested process is supported by three pillars:

  • People: Trained, full-time growth marketing staff that work exclusively with companies in the RevUp portfolio for 12-months post investment.
  • Technology: Preferred pricing, dedicated support, and expert-level implementation assistance on technology platforms proven to work for B2B and B2C businesses.
  • Partners: A pool of vetted contractors, agencies, and vendors that amplify and extend the reach of the RevUp platform.

Rather than take equity, companies return investment through revenue over time. This motivates the growth team to be successful—if companies don’t grow, RevUp doesn’t make a return on its investment.

RevUp selects for companies that have repeatable ways to generate revenue and solid month-over-month growth. Companies must have a high quality team with proven execution ability, the readiness to grow faster, and capacity to absorb resources.

To request a meeting, please complete this prescreening form. Or visit for more info.

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