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New Investments: Postfly, Clarabyte & RF Venue

three new companies we are proud to support

We are pleased to introduce three additions to the RevUp portfolio: Postfly, RF Venue and Clarabyte. While serving different customers across different markets, each of these exciting companies is led by a talented team and moving fast up a revenue-fueled growth curve.


Boston-based Postfly serves a new generation of anglers, a growing army of fly fishing fanatics that are flocking to the country’s rivers and streams to reconnect with outdoor sport. Postfly ships a box each month of curated flies, gear and swag, while supporting an online community of more than 100,000 anglers who share pix, tips...and stories of the one that didn't get away. With thousands of subscribers in the U.S., Postfly is quickly becoming THE place for the under-40 angler to worship at the altar of the rod and reel.

RF Venue

RF Venue designs and manufactures products that make wireless audio systems work and sound better. From their Massachusetts headquarters, RF Venue Founders Chris Regan and Bob Crowley first launched with a line of proprietary antennas that greatly improved reception without needless complexity. More than 500 technology integrators, live sound companies, and broadcast firms now trust RF Venue equipment on projects where wireless failure is not an option. Today, the company designs, makes, and sells radio frequency and fiber-optic antenna distribution products, hardware and software spectrum analysis tools, and coaxial cables through a fast growing international network of resellers and distributors.


Pittsburgh-based Clarabyte provides a fully automated solution for end-of-life IT management. Clarabyte’s suite of software helps companies securely and efficiently destroy digital data with the benefit of an automated diagnostic and refurbishment process that maximizes resale value. Less time, less money, less waste: Clarabyte is the trifecta for giving new life to old electronics.

Last Look for 2016
In the next few weeks, we will select our final investments for 2016. As a reminder, companies eligible for RevUp investment must have:

  • Recurring monthly revenue (we do not invest in pre-revenue companies)
  • A revenue-driven business model that works
  • Full time team with proven execution ability
  • Room to run in the market they serve

How it works: RevUp uses a combination of cash and services to help companies get stronger and become more profitable. RevUp does not take equity. Instead, our portfolio companies return investment as percentage of revenue over time. Our approach is built on deep experience building businesses and a passion for supporting ventures where customers and revenue are lead drivers of growth.

We have screening days coming up in October in New York City, Boston, Pittsburgh and Providence. If you are a founder and want to request a review, please complete this prescreening form.

Priority Referral Code
We get our best leads from mentors and friends in the community. If you are a member of our network and wish to make a referral, drop us a line and we'll issue a code to share with your top referrals. Companies submitting a pre-screening form with a referral code receive priority review! 


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