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October Picks from the RevUp Growth Team

The RevUp growth team keeps a close eye on hot topics in growth marketing. Each month we pick a few of our favorites to share. Here are the top picks for October:

1. 5 Keys for Driving Growth & Engagement via Email

In this conversation with the CMO of SendGrid (Scott Heimes) reviews the basics of how to build a strong and effective email list and strategy. The actionable tips range from email design to deliverability. Even if you think you know a lot, this is worth the read.

Link to the blog and podcast.

2. 7 UX Lessons to Apply to Your Content Campaigns

Content campaigns need to pair well written content with an optimized user experience to succeed. This article goes over 7 user experience principles that can help improve the success and performance of your content campaigns. Number 1 is a really important point: Most of the time users will focus on how your site or content made them feel, not what you gave them.

3. The 12 Best FB Messenger Ads So Far
These are great examples of how brands are using Chatbots to start conversations with their customers. This is still new territory for many companies, making this post well worth the read.

4. Black Friday/Cyber Monday Playbook from Shopify

Takeaway: Integrate your marketing channels (and use them all) and make sure you have consistent messaging on all channels. These are the most expensive marketing days of the year, so you want to make sure every possible impression counts.

If it’s new to you, it’s news…Here is an old article that was originally published in January 2017. Despite being several months old, the content is still very relevant. We found ourselves discussing it this week so decided to share it!

5. How to Write a High Converting, Appealing Pricing Page For Your Site

Pricing. It's where the rubber hits the road and making it seamless for your customers to move to purchase is clutch. This article reminds us about the basics: Focus on communicating the outcome the customer will receive and not on the mechanics of signing up; Don’t overwhelm visitors with choices and long form explainers; Help visitors identify the plan that is right for them as soon as possible. Nothing kills conversion faster than uncertainty; and Anticipate and overcome objections with an FAQ Section that pulls directly from the most common concerns your customers face.

This next piece is a little old (published in January). But as the saying goes, if its news to you, it's new. Nikhil, our newest Growth Team member, dusted this one off and made the case it was worth sharing. So here it is, along with Nikhil's assessment of the key takeaways.

6. 10 Google Shopping best practices to start doing in 2017 | Crealytics

1. Avoiding product disapprovals is important. Getting all the products live in google shopping helps attract more shoppers
2. Testing and optimizing different Product Titles is important. A well-optimized Product Title can double or triple your click-through rate
3. Image testing is another important thing to consider as images are the first thing the customer sees
4. Use ad extension to push promotions, it helps drawing attention and to boost the CTR
5. Pricing comparison is super important. Be aware of what the competitors are charging for the same product. A difference of $0.01 can affect the Google algorithm to chose the product automatically or focus on investing more in CPC’s
6. Including negative keywords is important, these can be added either at the campaign level or the ad group level
7. Opt-in for device bid modifiers, they allow pushing each device differently by adjusting the CPC’s
8. Add remarking lists
9. Use dayparting: This allows you to adjust the CPC's during the day/week. The CPC can be more for the best performing time of the day and can be set low during underperformance times

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