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Portfolio Feature: Wicked Good Cookies

Sometimes good things really do come in small packages. Certainly the adage holds true for Wicked Good Cookies. WCG joined the RevUp portfolio last fall, and working with the team has been an exciting (and delicious) foray into the world of cookie-tech innovation.

Wicked Good Cookies has turned mom’s famous sugar cookies—and a patented process for printing edible ink directly on them—into a quick, easy, and effective way to engage customers, celebrate important milestones, or just bring joy to someone's day.

When we say they can print anything on a cookie (and get it from oven to mouth in record time), that’s not cookie dust talking. That's the Wicked Good Cookie way.

These cookies don't last long around the Betaspring office...

Based in Massachusetts, Wicked Good Cookies still bakes all cookies from scratch and boxes ship everyday to locations across the country. Want to get someone's attention? Forget everyday swag or (gasp) a logo-embossed thumb drive: You. Need. Cookies. 

RevUp by Betaspring is a non-equity investment fund for companies moving fast up a revenue-driven growth curve. Our approach is built on 10+ years of early stage investing and a drive to work with companies and founders we love.

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