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Portfolio Spotlight: Cortex

We’re pleased to introduce the newest addition to the RevUp portfolio: Cortex. Based in Boston but serving customers across the globe, Cortex is a social media marketing platform, powered by Artificial Intelligence, that helps marketers create and deploy content that inspires their audience to action.

Cortex uses machine learning, big data, and computer vision to find patterns, optimize performance and auto-generate content recommendations by time, frequency, and subject in an easy-to-use calendar format. With this one platform, marketers use Cortex to track competition, make data-driven decisions in real time, and rapidly drive better results.
Founders Brennan White and Matt Peters launched Cortex to help content marketers make creative decisions at scale, a capability that is critical in large organizations where marketing teams produce and distribute content across multiple channels at breakneck pace. Cortex takes the guess work out of knowing which photos, videos, and text will drive consumers to react, engage, and purchase, while pinpointing exactly when—and where—to post.
With brands like Heineken, Ritz-Carlton, and Hulu using the platform, Cortex gives innovative brands a huge competitive advantage when it comes to getting the right content to the right customers at the right time.
We’re thrilled to be working the Cortex team…and very excited to add the Cortex platform to our own suite of growth marketing tools!

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