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Portfolio Spotlight: Data Society

Data. It's everywhere. The imperative to absorb, interpret, and act on data impacts virtually all job functions within an organization. Professionals across departments must now retrieve data from different sources, know how to clean and harmonize that data, manipulate it to support business questions, find hidden trends, and/or use data to support decisions. Yet, most professionals lack the training to thrive in this new dynamic.

Meet Data Society. This Washington, D.C.-based company provides a comprehensive suite of data science training programs for technical and non-technical professionals. Programming, delivered in person and online, train employees to manipulate data, build machine learning algorithms, visualize data, and communicate results to both technical and non-technical audiences.

We see the opportunity in this space—the need for data science literacy will only increase in the years to come. No surprise then that were thrilled to recently welcome Data Society into the RevUp portfolio. In addition to being the first data science company in the RevUp family, Data Society was also the first company we selected as part of our recent Washington, D.C. expansion.

Stay tuned for updates...or better yet, visit their site and try out a training program.

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