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Portfolio Spotlight: Felix Gray

The newest addition to the RevUp portfolio is on a mission: to protect your peepers from blue light & glare

Screens. Who doesn’t spend days (and nights) staring into the digital abyss? If you’ve spent extended time in front of a screen you’ve probably felt its effects, like eye strain, headaches, blurred vision, or dry eyes. That's because of blue light and glare: two things that computers produce but our bodies never evolved to handle. Studies also show that blue light can harm our retinas and disrupt our circadian rhythm, which ruins sleep and thus triggers a cascade of health-sabotaging problems.

Protect your peepers with Felix Gray. FG’s line of super sexy glasses that reduce glare AND filter blue light. Whether you’re buried in email, building a database, or just binging on Instagram, Felix Gray protects your eyes and sets you up for a better night’s sleep. Bonus: These are not your grandpa’s safety goggles. With fresh styles and a sleek fit, Felix Gray puts the “fun” back in functional.

Based in NYC, Felix Gray—’16 alums of the Entrepreneurs Roundtable Accelerator—have already put thousands of eye-ball saving, fashion forward glasses into the wild, and their customers are digging it (read about how Felix Gray stands up to the competition in this post from Business Insider.)


Co-founders David Roger and Chris Benedict have ambitious plans for the company. The Betaspring team is truly excited to work with Felix Gray in this next phase of growth.

Check out the full line of eyewear and get yourself a pair.

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