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Portfolio Spotlight: Nested Bean

Sleep. You don’t appreciate it until something--or someone--keeps you from it. Anyone who’s ever had an infant fuss into the wee hours knows lack of sleep will wreak havoc on your life. From fatigue-related accidents and trouble at work, to exacerbating postpartum depression and anxiety, sleep deprivation isn’t just uncomfortable for parents, it’s dangerous. Enter Nested Bean, infant sleepwear with a patented, weighted design that mimics human touch to lull even the fussiest baby to sleep.

Here’s how it works: For the 70% of parents with babies who don’t sleep well, there are two options: hold the baby all night or let them cry it out. What if you could sooth your baby and get some sleep? Extensive clinical research shows that babies are comforted by human touch AND by sensations that mimic touch. Nested Bean’s weighted Zen Swaddle and Zen Sleepsack apply the gentlest pressure to mimic the sensation of a loving touch. The result: better sleep within 3 nights of tucking baby into these super cute jammies.

Founder and CEO Manasi Gangan developed Nested Bean after her second child, unlike her first, wouldn’t fall asleep without near constant touch. Beleaguered by fatigue, and driven as an engineer, she began experimenting to see if she could “trick” her baby into sensing her presence with small pods inserted into the baby’s swaddle. It worked. After numerous design revs and months of testing, Nested Bean is now trusted by tens of thousands of parents who have used their sleepwear to FINALLY get the rest they, and their little ones, need.

Nested Bean is growing fast and taking the category by storm. The RevUp team is thrilled to be a part of their journey and proud to welcome Nested Bean into the Betaspring portfolio.

If you have a little one, or want to give the gift of sleep to a new parent, you can purchase the full line of Nested Bean sleepwear here!

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