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Portfolio Spotlight: TVP.NYC

We’re pleased to welcome NYC-based TVP.NYC into the RevUp portfolio.

TVP is a 4PPL services provider, meaning they manage and execute supply networks on behalf of clients, including the production of physical goods and merchandise, critical fulfillment, shipping and warehousing infrastructure, and e-commerce design, setup and management activities. They also specialize in technology solutions for e-commerce operations, including their proprietary software, Phantom.

With major customers across brands and industries, TVP is pioneering new strategies and techniques for the future of e-commerce operations.

What makes TVP special? It’s a one stop shop for e-commerce support, agency services and operations and fulfillment.

This dynamic team can handle the hard work of designing, building, and optimizing a complete ecommerce site from start to finish. They’re also certified Shopify Experts and can recommend the best apps for a customer’s needs as well as train them in best practices. Even customer service is no trouble!

TVP’s creative team has deep experience in branding, identity, and graphics conception. From logos to web design, style guides to lookbooks, they can articulate your vision and give a business a visual edge.

In a trifecta of awesomeness, TVP also specializes in streamlining operations and making sure products reach every corner of the global market. They can analyze an entire structure and bring the chaos under control, offering solutions for packaging, storage, supply-chain management, and communications that will make the day-to-day seem like a dream. They can simplify warehouse operations and fulfillment services so their customers can focus on growth!

TVP also does incredible work with merchandise and sourcing. They have access to hundreds of vendors and partners that allow them to find and create any product you can imagine.

On top of all this sits Phantom, TVP’s state-of-the-art eCommerce management software. Phantom is TVP’s flagship management tool that can track inventory, manage the products and graphics, and give detailed reports, all in one place! Phantom also allows users to streamline product development with access to thousands of items. Users can browse the catalog, upload their own graphics, and sample products at their own pace.

Stay tuned for updates from this fast growing 4PPL category leader!

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