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Portfolio Spotlight: UpLaunch

Changing the game for fitness profesionals

We are pleased to welcome UpLaunch to the RevUp portfolio!

Uplaunch is is a CRM and Marketing Automation platform that helps gym owners and fitness professionals use modern marketing technology to grow. UpLaunch is a plug and play SaaS solution for their customers, complete with professionally written copy, turn-key business strategies, and the knowledge and training to help a gym owner get up and running in under an hour.

Today’s marketing automation suites require gym owners to become copywriters, marketers, programmers, web designers, and more - and that's just to get up and running. The team developed the idea for a marketing automation platform for fitness from a need cofounder Jake Johnson experienced as the operator of a CrossFit gym. Like many SMB business owners, gym owners are busy running their day-to-day and want technology that comes “fully assembled”. They do not have the staff or expertise to effectively utilize contemporary marketing and customer engagement techniques or customize them to the gym business model and audience. Uplaunch uniquely fills the gap of mar-tech for fitness.

He and cofounder and CEO Matt Verlaque launched the company about two years ago and have since built a talented team that’s ready to scale. Stayed tuned for updates and more news from Uplaunch!

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