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Portfolio Welcome: Busy Beauty

60 BILLION personal wipes are used each year in the U.S. It is a $5B dollar industry with $680M and still growing 10% YOY. The issue: 90% of wipes are made from plastic, none have recyclable packaging, and most contain harmful chemicals. Until now.

NYC-based Busy Beauty has taken this market by storm, and now offers its customers a robust lineup of personal hygiene wipes that are made of 100% compostable cotton, easy-to-pronounce natural ingredients, and 100% waste free packaging. Making fast progress in the market, Busy Beauty, led by co-founders Jamie Steenbakkers and Michael Leahy are leading the charge in bringing clean beauty to a new generation of consumers.

For many consumers who want the convenience of wipes, plastic-based products and toxic ingredients isn’t an acceptable solution. Started in 2019, Busy Beauty is among the first to bring a re-imagined wipe to the market: one that is 100% compostable cotton, made with natural ingredients, and delivered in fully recyclable packaging.

And wipes are just part of the equation. Busy Beauty continues to bring new products to their customer base, focused on helping women shorten their daily personal care routines, so that they have time to do everything in a day that they WANT to do, not that they feel they HAVE to do.

Wipes and on-the-go personal care products are here to stay...and so is the quest for sustainability. We are very happy to welcome Busy Beauty into the RevUp portfolio and look forward to all that lies ahead for this fast-growing company!!

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