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Portfolio Welcome: Interview Mocha

We are pleased to welcome Interview Mocha, the most most comprehensive technical skills assessment platform for the enterprise customer, to the RevUp family. This fast growing international company already boasts an impressive roster of Fortune 500 company customer, with expansion plans for 2020 that will push Interview Mocha to the top of the industry category.

How does Interview Mocha wow their customers? Enterprises with consistent and high-volume hiring needs must have a consistent and objective way to evaluate the skills of job prospects, at scale. At the same time, they are trying to reduce human involvement in the process, until a candidate is vetted. All of this process has been put into automated workflows through Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS). Yet, the current state of skills and knowledge is always changing, requiring a dynamic and constantly growing set of assessments that map to what is “state of the art” in a profession.

To solve for this problem, mid-market and large companies integrate Interview Mocha into their hiring and candidate assessment processes to objectively determine the skill levels of job prospects. Interview Mocha provides a battery of evaluations, integrated into the large ATS’s like Bullhorn and Greenhouse. Evaluations are crowdsourced from over 200 subject matter experts, using Interview Mocha‘s proprietary evaluation building method. More than 1200 evaluations are available on the platform, and they can be delivered to candidates through many email, messaging apps, or integrated into remote interview platforms like Zoom. Enterprises can use Interview Mocha from a team level all the way to a full enterprise deployment; much of IM’s growth has come from land and expand opportunities.

Based in India, Interview Mocha has just opened it’s first North American office, a key component of it’s 2020 expansion plan. Stay tuned for more updates on from this exciting addition to the RevUp portfolio!

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