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As strong advocates for the role that data plays in developing effective content, we are thrilled to welcome to the RevUp family. offers a SaaS platform that lets their customers audience test video creative before it is released, to ensure effectiveness, audience resonance and response in the market. Started by two engineers who met in the Los Angeles film scene, is now used by major studios, agencies, and consumer brands to solve a problem that, until now, was a time-intensive and manual process, dominated by a few consulting-type players that have been around for a long time.

Similar to focus groups, most current approaches to audience testing involves recruiting and compensating humans for being in a theater and watching video/film, then responding on a “meter” device. As a result, the approach has been used mostly for long-form, high budget content.

With the explosion of video content and the targeting of video to more niche audiences, this approach is not practical. Although online survey tools exist and can be paired with video, the pairing works crudely and is not synched to the video being watched, without disrupting the viewing environment. solves these problems by providing the first end-to-end solution to test video with targeted audiences in the same viewing environment they would actually use. Audiences (“panels”) that are recruited through the platform view video creative, or creative options, and qualitatively respond in the viewing environment over the internet. The analysis returned in the dashboard is used to make final editing and audience targeting decisions, making expensive content much more effective in achieving its goals.

Why we love this company: Incredible team, great product, clear vision for the market, and strong traction.

Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting California-based company!

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