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Q3 Investments. Done.

Fresh faces, fresh companies! Thrilled to welcome a few new companies into the RevUp family and introduce you to these fast growing superstars. Stay tuned for news and updates and remember to sign up for our email updates to catch up on our latest and greatest news.


TextSurge is a full service Person-to-Person (P2P) texting platform that has found early and rapid growth with customers requiring P2P messaging for advocacy and fundraising efforts. P2P texting has been upheld and protected by the FCC several times, and as a result, this approach for engaging constituents has become increasingly popular. Led by founders Krishna Ghodiwala and Will Pierce, TextSurge has made fast progress in the market as year-round fundraising has become the norm for organizations that depend on grassroots strategies to augment the traditional focus on large donors. Well known for delivery both domain expertise and executional excellence to a diverse range of customers, we know great things lie ahead for this company! 

Work Relay 

Work Relay is best in class business process management software for mid-to-large enterprises. The Work Relay platform enables customers in retail, financial services, site installation, and CPG to bring together the management of processes and the management of projects into a single platform. By rethinking the way that work is planned, coordinated, and tracked, Work Relay has saved enterprise customers like Mars, Home Depot, Taco Bell, and P&G thousands of employee hours. The platform often replaces legacy software that costs an order of magnitude more and is at its end-of-life. 

As companies scale, an increasing amount of work gets done in the space between one off projects (like the installation of a new accounting system) and production processes (like the manufacturing and quality control of a food item). These “repetitive projects” have aspects of production and of projects. As a result they are usually managed by project management offices across multiple software tools, at a high overhead. Both business analysts (who understand the business need and integration) and project managers (who understand the steps required to go from start to completion) must participate. Work Relay provides a unified system for this work to be planned, designed and implemented. Both business analysts and project managers can work within a single system to create processes, and manage the projects to change or update them, and monitor progress and results.

Empower Local 

Empower Local is aggregating thousands of local online news, sports and community publications into an efficient, data-driven marketplace for brands to purchase hyperlocal advertising anywhere in the U.S. By organizing today’s fragmented media landscape into an efficient buying experience for advertisers, Empower Local--based in Nashville, TN--creates quality revenue opportunities for local publishers who are eager to tap into new revenue streams. 

Large brands and local publishers need each other...but neither is well equipped to find or partner together. There are an estimated 12,000 local publishers in the US today. The majority are smaller, independent, digital-first and are pound-for-pound more engaging than national media. They are virtually invisible to large brands, who are starved to find hyper local ways to engage with targeted audiences. Empower Local’s platform organizes trusted, local publishers into an efficient, data-driven media-buying environment. The platform offers publishers turnkey tools, adtech, network ad buys and sales opportunities while delivering brands targeted, contextual advertising across a long tail of trusted local channels.  Watch a video demo of how it works here. 


This business is all about bringing on the fun!  Nipyata! sells booze-themed / booze-filled gifts and party supplies. The namesake product, Nipayata, is a line of pre-filled pinatas that are filled with premium alcohol nips and brand name candy and shipped direct-to-consumer.  The product suite also includes gift cards (that, shocker, come with a nip), advent calendars (again, with a nip) and other similar and sundry items. How did it start?  “After visiting a Tesla Dealer and test driving a Tesla Model S, our team visited a local Party City to source some last minute Halloween party favors. We had an epiphany as the juxtaposition of Tesla and Party City jarred us: the party store and the products inside hadn't changed in 50 years."  Fast forward and Nipyata! is making good on thier promise to make gifting more fun for everyone.  Check out this Today Show clip to see the product up close! 

We are excited to be working with these great companies and founders and look forward to keeping you updated on their progress!

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RevUp Capital invests in B2B and B2C companies that are revenue-driven and ready to double down on growth. We deploy cash and capacity to help companies grow from $1-3M to $10-30M, quickly and efficiently, using a non-equity, revenue-based model. Companies enter our portfolio with $500K-$3M in revenue, a strong growth rate, and a team that’s ready to scale. Our typical investment range is $300K-$500K. We invest into a company's market-facing activity using a cash and capacity model. We pair our cash investment with Q3  dedicated support from the RevUp Growth Platform: a powerful resource to build a data-driven growth engine, delivered by people who get the work done. Rather than take equity, companies return investment through a small percentage of revenue over time. More at

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