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RevUp Growth Platform: Core Team

RevUp invests into companies as they strive to grow from ~$1M to $10-15M in revenue. Aside from being two distinct phases of growth, this curve is the great equalizer in business building. While stats show that ~4% of businesses make it to $1M in revenue, an abysmally small number ever make it to $10M. Some put the number as low as .4%.

At the bottom of this curve companies must tackle the day-to-day demands of running a business while simultaneously deciding what to do NEXT. This is especially true with marketing and sales, where layering in new/next strategies is essential to driving growth. Holding steady can consume all of a company’s bandwidth, and decisions around what to do next become sporadic...if they get made at all.

Injecting cash and capacity into marketing and sales at the bottom of this curve hits this problem head-on. With the RevUp Growth Platform and its team, companies don’t guess about what to do next or make unnecessary mistakes fumbling with new tools or approaches. They experiment, rapidly and cost-efficiently, to produce data and make better decisions about what activities are most worthy of time, effort and money.

Putting aside process and technology, the deepest value of the platform are the people behind it. Here's a bit more about the core team that delivers the platform day-to-day:

Allan Tear, RevUp Managing Partner

Allan is the architect of the RevUp Growth Platform, and relishes being a key advisor to founders on the journey from $1M to $10M in revenue and beyond. With investments spanning 130 companies and counting, Allan brings deep insight into where growth opportunities lie, and how to take advantage of them. He coordinates the delivery of Growth Platform resources, across team, process, and partners. As a technology entrepreneur, Allan has previously founded two venture-funded and two bootstrapped startups. When his teen kids tire of hanging out with him, Allan can be found exploring nature with his dog, Knoxville.

Micaela Kamp, Growth Team Manager

Whether through experimentation, infrastructure development, or process creation, Growth Team Manager Micaela Kamp works with RevUp companies to expand their sales and marketing capabilities in repeatable, scalable ways. Micaela is also RevUp’s chief content architect, where she develops and implements winning content strategies—from email flows to white papers and brand boosting campaigns–to drive top line growth. She’s also an avid reader, reality TV junkie, music enthusiast, and retired emo kid.

Nick Lee, Senior Growth Team Lead

Nick Lee is a Senior Growth Team Lead with 8+ years of experience building digital funnels and conducting growth experiments. Nick specializes in scaling DTC brands through targeted paid acquisition, and during his time with the growth team has expanded his skill set to include B2B strategies. Nick’s digital marketing and business development journey began in 2014 after college, when he began selling on Teespring (ask him about Lunch Ladies or School Bus Drivers some time). In his work at RevUp, what Nick most enjoys is sharing his experience and knowledge with the junior members of the team and the opportunity to work closely with our founders to help them reach their growth goals. When not chained to his laptop, Nick is with his wife, Abby, and son, Oliver.

Nick Napp, Product Launch and Development Lead

Nick Napp loves to launch products that customers love, having brought over 40 products to market across a wide range of consumer and enterprise markets. Nick knows a successful product launch is more than innovative technology - so his work spans product development, customer development, strategic marketing and partnerships. Prior to RevUp, Nick led multiple startups, was the Lead External Technology Scout, North America for Sony Ericsson; and was Vice-President, Animation, Rainbow Studios (sold to THQ, inc.). During his spare cycxles he holds volunteer leadership positi at FabNewport, a non-profit makerspace for middle school and older students.

Taylor Smith, Growth Team Associate

Taylor Smith takes pride—and for good reason—in being a generalist. Her interest in how all the pieces of a market-facing strategy work together enables her to tackle a problem holistically, an approach that’s especially useful for companies moving up the $1M-$10M curve. At RevUp, Taylor works with both our B2C and B2B companies, and she’s especially happy working on projects where data, content, and strategy converge. In her off hours, you can find her visiting her tight knit family, getting outside, and working her way through every recipe in Vani Hari’s Food Babe Kitchen cookbook.

Khobi Williams, Growth Team Associate

Khobi Williams works across the RevUp portfolio, utilizing a suite of marketing tools and techniques that drive revenue growth, enhance brand positioning, and promote customer engagement for our companies. Prior to joining RevUp, Khobi spent several years playing professional basketball, beforing earning a MSc from Brown University. At Brown, Khobi studied innovation and entrepreneurship with a specific focus in consumer health & fitness technology. Khobi also holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Physics from the Hampden Sydney College. Outside of work, Khobi enjoys working with his hands as a carpenter, traveling with friends, and continuing to work on his basketball game.

Melissa Withers, Special Forces

In her primary role as RevUp Managing Partner, Melissa is focused on investment selection and C-Suite support for RevUp founders. But that doesn't stop her from getting in the trenches with the Growth Team and our investees. As an experienced business-builder with 100+ investments under management, Melissa is able to use her domain expertise in customer experience, communications and go-to-market strategy to support companies when brand building, customer development, and market segmentation / expansion are top priorities. Melissa also supports companies on navigating the leadership complexities of building scaleable market-facing infrastructure, from sourcing capital to managing team dynamics through chaotic times.

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