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RevUp Growth Platform Overview

The RevUp Growth Platform, and the role it plays in our investment thesis and approach, is one the biggest differentiators between RevUp Capital and other RBF-styled funds. Here’s the scoop on how it works and the difference it makes in the trajectory of the companies we invest in.

As a reminder, RevUp uses a cash + capacity model to help B2B and B2C companies grow from $1-3M to $10-20M as quickly as possible. Capacity building is designed to help companies build a data-driven growth engine that will drive success today and into the future.

Why? At the bottom of this growth curve, the day-to-day demands of business building are intense, while bandwidth and resources are stretched thin. The result? Growth experimentation gets pushed to the back burner.

The RevUp Growth Platform helps companies use science-based growth experimentation to grow faster, access a wider range of capital, and achieve better outcomes overall.

The Growth Platform’s battle-tested process is supported by three pillars:

  • People: Trained, full-time growth marketing staff that work exclusively with companies in the RevUp portfolio for 12-months post investment.
  • Technology: Preferred pricing, dedicated support, and expert-level implementation assistance on technology platforms proven to work for B2B and B2C businesses.
  • Partners: A pool of vetted contractors, agencies, and vendors that amplify and extend the reach of the RevUp platform.

How It Works
The RevUp Growth Platform draws from our experience as investors in 120+ companies. The approach is customized to the needs and goals of each company through three phases of effort, delivered across 12-months:

1. Assess

Month 1: RevUp Growth Team conducts top-to-bottom assessment of a company’s growth engine, current capabilities, and enabling infrastructure to identify gaps, strengths and opportunities. From this work, the RevUp team develops 3-5 Growth Hypotheses—big impact ideas that can significantly bend the growth curve.

2. Design / Test / Measure
Months 2-6: RevUp team designs and executes experiments to test each hypothesis, using deep domain expertise, best-in-class tools, and science-driven methodology. Outcomes provide the insight—and the data—that companies needs to act fast on growth opportunities and effectively resource them moving forward.

3. Scale / Transfer
Months 7-12: RevUp Team takes the lead on helping investees build scale and execution capability around winning ideas. From raising capital to making a new hire, we make sure companies build on what’s been done and keep growing.

Following the 12-month intensive period, companies receive ongoing support from and can access the Growth Team by request to tackle emerging opportunities and address new challenges.

Knowledge and experience created across the RevUp portfolio is shared through in-person learning, peer networking, and the RevUp Growth Platform Librarians—RevUp team members who curate and share information, case studies, and assessments of new tools and approaches.

Examples of Growth Team Activity


  • Segmented customers by combining CRM data with invoice and demographic data, uncovering a hidden 80/20 rule of customer LTV. This led to the introduction of a new sales stage, the offloading of lower value customers to online only servicing, and a value recapture sales effort for under-leveraged customers.

  • Doubled conversion rate for leads by researching enterprise/business keyword trends and arbitrage opportunities within a Google Ads paid search strategy.

    • Developed a multi-touch, account-based marketing (ABM) campaign, combining direct mail, phone calls, email, and social ads, for a set of key prospects which resulted in a 33% response rate and 20% lead-SQL conversion rate.

    • Developed and launched brand campaigns on Google Ads, yielding a 820% ROAS.

    • Built repeatable process for pre-conference awareness assets (landing pages, ads, pre and post email sequences), greatly improving returns and margins on marketing spend.

    • With user intent research and content optimization deployed on specific topics, increased overall traffic from organic search by 57% over a 6 month period.


    • Designed a comprehensive email strategy, combining broadcasts and contextual email automations, to increase revenue that email contributed monthly from 0% to a sustained 15%.

    • Repurposed static creative assets into dynamic Facebook slideshow promotions to vary marketing mix, contributing to a 6.0X return on ad spend against gross revenue, a 5.4X increase in monthly website visitors, and 50% lower CPA.

  • Reduced the cost per email lead from over $15 to under $2 in one quarter by introducing a new Facebook ad type and optimizing audiences for these ads.

  • Optimized Google Ads campaigns by introducing campaign segmentation, updated match types, and advanced bid strategies to 4X the monthly ad spend at the same conversion rate. Company grew from $9MM annually to $18MM in two years.

  • Used landing pages redesign to lower bounce rate from 70% down to 40%, increased CTR from .68% to 1.15%.

  • Outcomes
    As revenue-based investors, we win when our companies grow. We track data across the portfolio to ensure our process is working and companies continue to reach their growth goals.

    A breakdown of our growth data: On average, RevUp companies grow 3.5X in 24 months, a 70% compound annual growth rate. 25% of the portfolio has experienced hyper growth (150% CAGR), 30% have experienced fast growth (50-100% CAGR), 35% have experienced moderate growth (25-50% CAGR), and 10% have experienced slow growth (<25% CAGR).

    100% of companies in the portfolio have sourced follow-on capital post-RevUp investment, including equity (Series A), high-quality bank debt, manufacturing partnerships, and a spectrum of other capital products to fuel growth.

    Scaling a business is challenging. There are hurdles at every level of scale. The RevUp team has extended our capacity by helping us grow beyond the hurdles and by adding new growth channels. It's been a terrific partnership." - Manasi Gangan, CEO & Founder Nested Bean

    About RevUp Capital
    RevUp Capital is non-equity investment for companies moving fast up a revenue-driven growth curve. We pair cash investment with support from the RevUp Growth Platform, a science-based and battle-tested approach to accelerating growth. Companies also receive active support from RevUp leadership, an experienced team with more than 130 investments under management.

    For more information, please visit or via email at

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