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RevUp's Easy Mortgage Apps Hits–Then Crushes– Milestone

Mobile lending innovators hit 100K loan mark...and then do 20K more by the time we wrote this blog.

Easy Mortgage Apps (EMA), the mobile-first platform where borrowers, loan officers and realtors communicate, upload info, and track in-process loans, announced in early December the addition of the 100,000th loan into the EMA system. Then, in the two weeks it took us to get this blog posted, they put 20K more onto the system.

This is one of those cases when it feels good to get shown up by one of your investments. 

EMA’s white labeled product helps banks and lending institutions close the gap between today’s mortgage technology and borrowers’ expectations to use smartphones in the home buying process. The EMA native app is industry compliant and seamlessly integrates into all major loan processing systems. EMA now serves 100+ enterprise customers in 40 states.

"Easy Mortgage Apps is a game changer and truly allows us to offer a better way to serve our clients,” says Erik Skates Director of Marketing at Equity Prime Mortgage.    

EMA provides information and details about loan status at a glance and utilizes fully compliant push notifications for important milestones (appraisal, approval, rate lock, closing date, etc.) to increase engagement and expedite the loan process. EMA’s platform enables the secure upload of required documents and instant access to others associated with the loan (i.e., home inspector, appraiser, home insurance agent, escrow, title company, closing attorney).

While mobile banking has become a standard offering for almost all banks, the lending process has been slower to innovate, due in part to regulatory concerns. In 2014, EMA leveraged their industry expertise and a top-notch tech team to launch the first comprehensive and fully compliant ecosystem that connects all the key players in the home loan process.  This means happier home buyers, more on-time closings, and less friction between people who don’t have time or bandwidth to spare.

“Until EMA, borrowers and loan officers had to use voicemail, email, and even fax machines to move a loan forward. Who has time for that?,” says EMA President Michael Kelleher. “EMA’s solution bridges the gap between an institution’s legacy systems and today’s borrowers, who expect the home loan experience to be mobile. We are thrilled to help our customers meet this challenge and this week’s milestone affirms the lending industry is finally making mobile a top priority.”

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