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See you at Collision?

Who doesn't love an excuse to visit New Orleans? And...what better excuse than Collision? Betaspring's Melissa Withers and Allan Tear will be there this year participating as panelists and holding investor mentor office hours. Given the size and scope of the event, it's safe to say that Collision has something for everyone.

Collision, created by the team behind Web Summit, calls itself “America’s fastest growing tech conference.” By most metrics, it is! Organizers are predicting 20,000+ attendees from more than 50 countries. The mix is intended to bring together CEOs from fast-growing startups with leaders from big enterprise, alongside investors and media.

Here's a shocker, but Betaspring will be there talking about revenue-based financing and meeting with companies where revenue is a primary driver of growth. Attendees can book investor mentor hours through the conference website. By last count those slots are long gone. We have set aside additional time to meet with companies that might be a good fit for the RevUp model. To request an appointment drop a note and we'll do our best to get back to you. Just put "Collision" in the subject line.

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