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See You in Detroit?

RevUp by Betaspring will be in Detroit 9/15 through 9/18. Managing Director Melissa Withers and Betaspring founder Allan Tear will be participating in the City as a Startup conference as well as holding open office hours for companies interested in the RevUp accelerator. 
Now in its second year, City as a Startup (CaaS) is a conference organized by the Venture for America program that brings together leaders from startups, the public sector, and beyond for a conversation on the intersection of urban development and emerging technology. During CaaS: Detroit, the Venture for America community will learn firsthand from presentations and working sessions led by thought leaders and on-the-ground doers, share insights, and strengthen collaborative networks across industry and geographic borders. 
Melissa will be on a panel with a few other cool peeps, discussing the role that ecosystem and community plays in building startup culture, including Lorenzo Gomez from the 80/20 Foundation and Geekdom, Ted Serbinski from TechStars and Tony Summerville from fleetio. 
While in town, we are looking forward to meeting with some of the founders, investors and organizations that have made Detroit's growing startup scene a national model for reinventing American cities. Also a good time to talk with people about the powerful impact of new startup funding models.
It's our first time to Detroit and we are looking forward to checking out scene. If you want to hook up or have a "don't miss" suggestion, drop us a line and we'll see what we can do! 
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