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Show Me the Money: Let's Talk Revenue on October 19

Join us in Boston for a conversation on how to think differently about funding your venture.

When: October 19, 4:30pm 
Where: Boston CIC @ 50 Milk Street, Boston 17th Floor
The Deets:

Ask an 'expert' how to grow a startup and you'll get an avalanche of advice on fundraising. Understandable...growth ain't cheap. Yet, how do most companies grow? Revenue. Get your revenue engine running right and customers—not fundraising—can drive your growth. 

New funding sources are coming onto the scene with the dollars and expertise to help revenue-focused companies grow faster. Join Betaspring, Lighter Capital, and The Capital Network on October 19 at 4:30pm for a fast-paced, down-and-dirty rundown on building and funding ventures that are driven by customers and revenue. We'll reach beyond the same old conversation about raising a round to explore approaches to growth that don't get the attention they deserve in the startup press. 

Who'll have the mic:

Moderator Melissa Withers is the Managing Director of Betaspring and co-founder of the RevUp accelerator platform, the first accelerator for companies focused on growth through revenue. 

Greg Raiz is Founder of Raiz Labs. Greg knows a thing or two about building a biz using revenue. Greg is an avid supporter of the startup scene and recently launched an accelerator for mobile app companies from Raiz HQ in Boston. 

Branden Harper is Director of the Investment Team at Lighter Capital. He and his team have pioneered a set of alternative financing tools for early stage technology companies.

Allan Tear is founder of Betaspring.  In accelerating 90 companies and managing the Betaspring portfolio, he's pretty much seen it all. As a technology entrepreneur, Allan has founded three venture-funded startups.  He's also an impassioned advocate for building revenue-first companies.

This event is free, but registration is required

About the Hosts:

Founded in 2009, Betaspring has accelerated 90 companies and the portfolio has raised $50MM in follow-on funding. The Betaspring portfolio includes three exits, including the acquisition of Tracelytics by AppNeta in 2012. Among the first ten accelerators to launch worldwide, Betaspring has one of the longest track records and  longitudinal data on startup performance. These insights were a major driver of Betaspring’s decision to launch RevUp by Betaspring in 2015, the first non-equity accelerator for 'revenue-first' companies--ventures where revenue is the primary driver of growth. 

Lighter Capital
Lighter Capital makes it easy for small technology companies to access long-term growth capital. The company was founded in 2010 by a group of entrepreneurs and venture capitalists who believed there was a better way to fund growing businesses. To date they have provided over 100 financings to more than 80 companies. They also believe entrepreneurs should spend time running their businesses, not raising capital. So, they use technology to make it simpler for entrepreneurs to secure larger amounts of capital online.  It’s called Capital-as-a-Service. 

The Capital Network 
The Capital Network is Boston’s Fundraising Authority. We bring together the area’s largest active community of investors and startup experts to provide you with the practical, hands-on education and personalized mentoring you need as you navigate the fundraising process.  Our programs were created in collaboration with the investors who fund our area’s startups; they regularly participate in our curriculum development and execution, and share what you need to know, before you ask them for capital. We’re a non-profit organization, and our mission is clear: we are here to get your high growth startup smart and fundable.

And Thanks to Our Sponsor

What would the startup scene without sponsors? Lame. So thanks to...

Adler Pollock & Sheehan 
Adler Pollock & Sheehan (AP&S) is a New England law firm representing local, national and international clients in a wide range of complex legal matters. From the boardroom, to the courtroom, to the halls of government, our attorneys take on the toughest challenges and deliver results. Our attorneys will listen to you and respond with the right strategy. We are experienced advocates who care about your business, not just your legal issues. AP&S is proud to work with startups with programs designed to meet their needs and budgets as they grow.

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