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Surprise Ride: Beyond the Tank

We don't pick favorites. But if we did...Surprise Ride would make the list of companies. 

Surprise Ride (Spring '13) pioneered a monthly adventure-in-a-box for kids that has taken the country by storm. The set up is simple: they work with experts to curate a monthly adventure for kids ages 6-11. Each box includes two activities, a book, a snack, fun extras, and easy-to-follow instructions. The magic happens when the box arrives and a child opens it to find everything she or he needs to take an epic adventure through topics like magic, dragons, sailing, bees, superheros, Paris...the list goes on.

Now selling to thousands of customers across the country, the team used finely tuned curation, creative sourcing and partnerships (Hidden Valley, musician Sara Evans, Food Network's Pioneer Woman) to spread the Surprise Ride gospel. In 2014, the team amp'd up their sales with an appearance on Shark Tank.

When Surprise Ride appeared on ABC’s Shark Tank, they didn’t take home an investment...but they did get in front of a national audience. Founders Donna and Rosy Khaliffe gave the sharks a run for the money and held their own against the jabs that make Shark Tank so entertaining to watch.

Now the Washington D.C. based team is going back for another dip. Tune into ABC on Tuesday, October 20 at 10pm to see Surprise Ride on “Beyond the Tank,” the new Shark Tank spinoff that checks in on former contestants...especially the ones that the sharks regret they let slip by!

Teaser: the show opens with Donna receiving a surprise phone call from shark Kevin O’Leary. Can you guess why? Tune in to find out!

Catch a sneak peek of the episode HERE!

Donna and Rosy take the heat on Shark Tank.
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