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The RevUp Growth Team:

How it Works

(because cash is always best served with capacity)

Milk and cookies. Peanut butter and jelly. Mork and Mindy. Some things just work better in pairs. This is especially true for growth companies, where nothing unlocks potential like the right combination of cash and capacity.

The RevUp team has invested in 120+ companies since 2009, and we've never seen a company where cash alone was the deciding force driving growth. This is why we created the RevUp Growth Team to help our companies design, launch, and rapidly benefit from data-driven growth experiments. In addition to the expertise our management team brings to the table, the growth team amplifies the power of our cash to significantly bend a company's growth curve.

How does it work? We deploy the RevUp growth team to our portfolio companies as part of our investment to serve as a literal expansion of a companion's digital marketing capability. Under the direction of RevUp management, and in lockstep with our founders, the team is there to evaluate, identify, and execute on revenue growth opportunities. Trained across a full stack of marketing tools, the growth team works with each portfolio company for ~12 month period following investment, free of charge.

What specific skills do we bring to the table? Our team has helped produce scalable growth across B2B and B2C markets, and specialize in:

  • Paid acquisition 
  • Audience segmentation and engagement
  • Site and landing page performance
  • Social campaign management
  • Conversion funnel structure and effectiveness
  • Content (video, email, blog, newsletter) effectiveness
  • Marketing and sales tools and metrics
  • SEO, SEM, and AdWords
  • Brand presence, positioning and voice
  • Tools and best-practice infrastructure for scale 

Here are a few examples of the growth team in action:

  • Built and validated B2C “customer journey” - from 1st touch to conversion to upsell or renewal - using historical data, management hypotheses, and user observation & measurement. Used customer journey to redesign funnel around low-cost 1st touch via social content, onsite and landing page CRO, and retargeting. Resulted in optimized CAC (<$20) while social ads were used to double revenue.
  • Enriched CRM data with invoice data and 3rd party demographic data to create a customer segmentation model by value, to identify patterns of most valuable, least valuable, and most under-leveraged customers. Uncovered a hidden 80/20 rule that led to the introduction of a new sales stage, the offloading of lower value customers to online only servicing, and a value recapture sales effort for under-leveraged customers.
  • Reduced the CPA for B2C email leads from over $13 to under $2 by introducing a new Facebook ad type, and optimizing the audiences for these ads.
  • Built competitor matrix from internal management perception and secondary research. Combined with customer persona development and jobs-to-be-done framework to precisely position 8 product mix against competitors across a dozen customer segments. Resulted in simplified go-to-market of two “lead offer” products, focused on three specific customer personas and jobs-to-be-done.
  • Through a series of price testing and “bracketing” A/B tests for a B2C company, increased revenue of 15% for the low price option and 5% overall. Optimized conversion for price-sensitive buyers by pushing up pricing floor and default options.
  • Provided “outside editor” role to jumpstart and structure content strategy and new content creation, including editorial calendar and content planning guide and examples. Resulted in doubling content publishing frequency and increased regularity, which was directly correlated to marketing leads.
  • Rebuilt B2C Facebook and Instagram audiences around interests, buying behavior, and desktop/mobile segments, ran through test matrix to determine which audience definitions would scale best. Helped marketing founder to integrate this into their forward looking ad strategy. Resulted in focus on mobile optimized content ads for top-of-funnel, at ¼ the cost.

RevUp invests on a rolling basis and conducts quarterly company screenings. If you are a revenue-generating company, focused on growth, and interested in learning more, get in touch by filling out our pre-screening form.

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