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This Week: Top Growth Team Picks

Here's a few top picks from the RevUp growth team that we think deserve a second look.

1. How to Find Out Why Google Hates Your Content (And Steps to Fix It)

Actionable advice on how to use Search Console to determine what pages are converting for specific search terms and how to best optimize your content based on user intent.

2. 5 Ways to Convert More Prospects by Making Your Case

When writing copy for a sales page, it's important to back up and prove the promises you're making about your product. This quick read gives five great tips on how exactly to do this. Good advice from the authors that copy should "Back up your claims. Anticipate and eliminate objections. Reverse the risk.”

3. When to Make Senior Hires from $0 to $10M in Revenue

This is a great framework for thinking through when and how to add talent capacity. Includes a quick cheat sheet by function, role and startup stage for when certain hires are typically made, assuming they are not already on the founding team.

4. 27 Facebook Relevance Score Hacks For Great Success

As we move into the most competitive time of the year for e-commerce companies, it's critical to focus on the relevance of ads and the effort to deliver highly engaging content. This article talks about the importance of Relevance scores on Facebook and how they directly effect the costs of advertising on that channel. With costs rising throughout the end of Q3 and into Q4, having these hacks to increase your relevance score can save tons of money!

5. The Definitive Guide on How to Bootstrap Your Company

Leave it to Neil Patel to layout the basics of bootstrapping in language that makes the process seem deceptively easy. It's an honest take on his experience and the tips are legit.

6. Infographic on Shopping Cart Abandonment Emails

This week we were digging this post, which includes a very interesting infographic on industry trends and best practices around cart abandonment emails. It's a ripe area for experimentation that is often overlooked.

This pick comes Nikhil, the newest member of our growth team. His top five takeaways from this piece:

  • Don't sell your product features, try selling the outcome that will be achieved after using your product.
  • Pop ups can be extremely powerful if utilized properly in the right pages, at the right time, with the right intent.
  • Landing pages with clear messages about the problems users face being solved by the product being sold are very effective.
  • Testimonials and social proof will get you those extra customers who are on the fence.
  • Testing different landing pages is really important. Customer needs evolve, make sure your lading pages do too.

More about the RevUp Growth Team

The RevUp growth team works directly with our portfolio companies to evaluate, identify, and execute on revenue growth opportunities. Trained across a full stack of marketing tools, the growth team works with each portfolio company for a ~6 month period following investment, free of charge. Our team is expert in emerging digital marketing techniques, which we put into action by designing and conducting growth experiments. We’ve enabled a variety of companies to grow faster and more predictably, with a focus on building the internal capacity they'll need to succeed over the long term.

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