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Top Picks from the RevUp Growth Team

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Each week a member of the RevUp Growth Team takes a turn as librarian, responsible for making sure that the best content we collectively discover gets analyzed, shared and archived. It takes effort, but in return we rarely miss news about a new tool, technique or case study. Here’s a few highlights from June that are well worth the read.

The Scoop:

Companies are hyper focused on getting new people in the door and analyzing the costs and profit associated with initial conversion. This article reminds us how important it is to understand and increase the LTV of new customers. Al also affirms the importance of monitoring your Cost Per Acquisition against LTV.

“It is very easy to lose sight of the big picture and over-optimize the CPA. With Facebook for example, the CPA fluctuates as Facebook introduces changes and how your audience interacts with your ads on any given day. Understanding the LTV of customers and not focusing solely on the first conversion allows you to let your campaigns work themselves out and you can scale with more confidence.” —Nick L., RevUp Growth Team Lead for paid social and Amazon

“This is a great guide for content creators that walks through how to make what they write useful and resonate with their audience. Good reminders that content crafts a story, readers are more inclined to respond when emotionally involved with the content, and stating your point in the simplest way possible goes a long way.” —Micaela K., RevUp Growth Team Lead for Content

The Scoop:

This deep dive looks at the strategies Intercom used to grow from $0 - $50million in only a few years. It covers 8 specific strategies that cover a wide range of marketing tactics. All are actionable and serve as great inspiration when considering new strategies.

The Scoop:

“Online, being multidimensional beats being single-minded. Surprise beats consistency. Share of emotion beats share of mind. The best online brands have always understood this instinctively. Now we have the data to prove it.” So says Brian Millar, and we agree.

This article breaks down the types of content consumers are looking for on social media. The content doesn't have to (and probably shouldn't) be the same across them all. Finding what works on each channel can help you build a diverse following across all of them. —Selected by Growth Team member Kyle N.

“There are a billion starter guides for growth. But I've never seen one that manages to be so in-depth while still talking in human-speak. Whether you're looking to learn a new part of the growth stack or are new to marketing altogether, this is an awesome guide to get you going.” —From Connor C., who started with us as a growth team intern but grew into a valued team member. Connor graduated last month and will leave us in July for his next big adventure. We’ll miss you, bro.

This one isn’t about growth marketing, but it’s certainly germane to getting more women working on and at startups. “I’d have never survived six years at MIT, surrounded by powerful men with multiple degrees, without my female boss, who was also one of my first true professional mentors. Maybe the same holds true for women in startups and venture, wherein they will stay longer and go farther with women mentors close at hand to cheer them on.” —Betaspring Managing Director Melissa Withers

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