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(Un)Founded Season 2...Amazing What You Can Do with 3 Questions

Three questions: One peers into the past. One speaks to the present. One looks toward the future. That’s (Un)Founded, where RevUp Capital's Melissa Withers talks biz building and start-up culture with a few special guests. Scroll down for videos or jump to Apple Podcast  or Spotify for the audio-only podcast. 

As the former editor-in-chief for Inc. Magazine, book author, and now publisher of FIN, where he goes deep on all things Fintech, James Ledbetter has told his fair share of stories about entrepreneurs and their big dreams. In this episode, we riff about the power and perils of archetypes in startup storytelling, and what lies ahead as the master narratives of yesteryear begin to fade away. Listen on Spotify or Apple Podcast OR watch below.

4.15 S2E2: And the Brand Played On w/ Stephanie Connaughton

Branded experiences aren't just for the giants anymore. Today, even early stage companies need to deliver "branded experiences" for their customers...somedays before they themselves even understand what that really means. Whether through her work at Gillette, or with other brands both big and small, Stephanie has...well, seen some things. Things that tell us as much about the future, as they do about the past. Listen on Apple Podcast or Spotify. or wath

4.20 S2E3: Square Peg, Round Hole w/ Salina Brown

Identity. Archetypes. Rules. As a designer, innovator, and activist, Salina Brown has walked many miles in startup land, often knowing she was "out" even when she was "in." In this episode, we talk about the personal journey...the toll...of not "fitting in" and what changing ideas about entrepreneurs should look, act and be like means for the next generation of founders. Watch below or listen on Spotify or Apple Podcast 

4.22 S2E4: Help Me Obi-Wan w/ Greg Raiz

Today, the concept of "mentorship" is canonical to startup culture. But when Raiz Labs founder, now turned super-mentor / investor Greg Raiz, was a first time founder himself, mentorship wasn't taught. It wasn't even a word founders used! So...How far have we really come? What's next for mentorship? Watch below or listen on Spotify or Apple Podcast.

4.27 S2E5: Chaos Proofing Your Partnership w/Allan Tear

When it comes to talking about partnership and business building, it’s hard to think of having this conversation with anyone other than Allan Tear. Not just because this serial entrepreneur turned investor has been a great business partner to me, but because of what he experienced in the years before we started working together. In this episode we talk a little about the everyday challenges of staying united in the face of unrelenting chaos...and what we've learned along the way. Watch below or listen on Spotify or Apple Podcast.

4.29 S2E6: The Kids are Alright w/ Betsy Ludwig

Student entrepreneurship has changed. And for good reason. From her perch at Northeastern University, Betsy is a bridge between where we started and where are going...wherever that may be!  Listen on Spotify or Apple Podcast. 

5.4 S2E7: It Takes a Village with Allyson Eman 

Companies don't pop from thin air. Ask Allyson Eman, who has been working to create programs to support startups in the Atlanta area for a long time. What didn't go as planned? What can't predict about building supportive ecosystems that support entrepreneurs? Guess you'll have to listen to see what we decided! Watch below or listen on Spotify or Apple Podcast

5.6 S2E8: If All You Have is a Hammer w/ Kim Folsom 

Kim Folsom has been blazing her own trail for a long time....First as a founder, as a black female engineer, as an investor and now as one of the fiercest advocates for innovation in startup funding on the map today. In this episode we look back (why did it take so long??) and forward (how do we not repeat the mistakes of the past) to talk about the changing landscape in early stage investing. Watch below or listen on Apple Podcast or Spotify. 

5.11 S2E9: Ageism and it's Impact on Women in StartUp Culture w/ Jennifer Jordan 

Usually I try to come up with a light hearted, clever title for each episode. But this topic is so viscerally important that every time I tried to be clever or cute I just got more enraged that this even has to be a topic. In this episode, Jennifer Jordan—who has earned her stripes as an innovator, an investor and one of the most respected mentors on the planet—shares her experience, a little of her rage, but mostly her hopes for a future where women aren't punished for all the amazing things that come with age. Watch below or listen on Apple Podcast or Spotify

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