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Wanted: Growth Marketer

RevUp is looking for self-driven and tenacious individuals to join our in-house growth team. This unique opportunity puts you smack in the middle of a dynamic, cross-functional team involved in the marketing, product management, and engineering functions of multiple fast growing companies. You’ll learn a lot - in fact, your success will depend upon it!

What does the RevUp Growth Team do? After we invest in a company, we work intensively with them for ~12 months to rapidly boost growth. This component of our investment is one of the key differentiators that makes RevUp different from other investment funds. During this intensive period, we apply a growth stack of new technologies and marketing techniques as an extension of the company's marketing efforts, with the goal of helping them drive revenue more quickly, and more profitably. The growth team is on-point to deliver these services. Here's background on how the growth team operates.

Interested? Here are the deets on the position:

What You Have to Do:

  • Identify potential customers using online tools, reach them with effective messaging, and provide the fastest route from contact to sale.
  • Work as part of dynamic team to drive customer acquisition and increase customer value.
  • Evaluate customer experience, hypothesize a solution, test, and test again.
  • Run data driven marketing campaigns and own the results.

What You Must Be Able to Do:

  • Open to learning about tool and techniques you don’t yet know exist  
  • Able to work collaboratively and autonomously at the same time
  • Interested in learning about customer behavior through data and qualitative feedback
  • Possess a basic understanding of statistics and why they are important to a company

It Would Be Great if You:

  • Have previous experience with growth marketing 
  • Have had experience trying to sell or market something, online or in person!

Think this opportunity is for you? Send your CV and relevant info to

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