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We Believe in Revenue. Do You?

The RevUp Mission & How We Came to Be

RevUp Capital was created in 2015 by Allan Tear, Bill Cesare, and Melissa Withers. After many years working as equity-only investors, we saw a need—and a golden opportunity—to innovate how we build big, profitable companies that bring value to the world.

Who we are: Experienced investors who prefer to work beyond the constraints of equity-only models.

What we do: Put cash and capacity to work for companies that are moving fast up a revenue-fueled growth curve.

Why we do it: To build companies we believe in, support founders we love, and help everyone make money doing it.

Our Backstory

We created RevUp after investing in 120+ companies using an equity-only model. By default this meant searching for companies with massive (and speedy) exit potential. This kind of unicorn hunting ignores a large group of companies with the potential to be large, profitable, and exciting for investors. We were frustrated and bored by this dynamic. 2015, we built RevUp. And, it worked.

Our investment approach is built on three truths:

1. Companies that find their way to revenue early have better outcomes.

2. The idea that equity is the only credible way to fund a company is bogus and wholly unsupported by decades of data.

3. Cash is almost always best served with capacity.

Our model is built to serve these three truths. We invest in companies that are revenue generating and amped for growth. We use a non-equity model where companies return investment as a percentage of revenue over time. We amplify our cash with high-intensity services and a science-driven process to increase revenue velocity. Our in-house growth team works with each of our investments to test and deploy techniques that accelerate growth. RevUp managers work directly with each investment to pull these pieces together to double, triple and even quadruple growth. And...RevUp companies get it without giving up equity.

As of January 2018, RevUp Capital has active investments in Boston, New York, and Pittsburgh, with an expansion to Washington, D.C. and Baltimore underway.

We select investments on a rolling basis and conduct monthly screening meetings each month. Get the full scoop on eligibility and investment mechanics here. If you are interested in being considered for investment, or wish request a screening meeting, please complete this prescreening form.

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