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With Rapid Growth, Easy Mortgage Apps Expands

Betaspring Alum opens third location 

What if you could close your home loan faster and with less stress? What if you could do it without a fax machine or an annoying round of phone tag with a loan officer? Good news: if you live in one of the 40 states where Easy Mortgage Apps (EMA) is available, you can.

EMA offers a mobile-first platform where borrowers, loan officers and realtors communicate, upload info, and track in-process loans. Their white labeled product helps banks close the gap between mortgage technology and borrowers’ expectations to use smartphones when buying a home.

EMA recently announced that they added the 250,000th loan to their system, capping off a three-month growth sprint marked by rapid expansion across geographies. EMA now serves 5000+ loan officers in 47 states. To keep pace, the Boston-headquartered company opened a third office, a Dev Nest led by co-founder and CTO Joe Spano, in Providence, R.I.

EMA provides information about a loan status at a glance and utilizes push notifications for important milestones to help borrowers and expedite the process. Users can also securely upload documents and get instant access to other critical information (i.e., home inspector, appraiser, home insurance agent, escrow, title company, closing attorney). In addition to being industry compliant, the EMA platform seamlessly integrates into all major loan processing systems, with little more than the push of a button. (It’s true. Request a demo if you are a lender and want to see how the magic happens.)

“Until EMA, borrowers and loan officers had to use voicemail, email, and even fax machines to move a loan forward,” says Spano. “EMA’s solution bridges the gap between banks’ legacy systems and today’s borrowers, who expect the home loan experience to be mobile. We help our customers meet this challenge without the integration headaches and disruption that have made other solutions cumbersome and ineffective.”

While taking home loans mobile may seem obvious (mobile banking is a standard offering for banks), the lending process has been slower to innovate. The subprime mortgage crisis revealed how easily borrowers can be duped into accepting a bad deal, prompting new regulations that underpin how technology must perform to be compliant.

“We’ve gone to great lengths to build a platform that is fully compliant,” says Spano. “The features that borrowers want most, such as push notifications and on-the-go communication with their loan officer, needed to be carefully integrated to ensure that borrowers and lenders are well served, protected, and in line with the law. That’s what we brought to market, and it’s why our customers chose EMA.”  

What’s next for EMA? Continued expansion into every state and more lenders, to start. But bigger projects with strategic partners are also in the works.  Earlier this month, EMA forged a partnership with Optimal Blue, the premier cloud-based provider of enterprise lending services to the mortgage industry. Relationships like this enable EMA to offer additional tools, like allow loan officers real estate agents to generate rate and eligibility quotes on their smart phone.

“With everything that’s on deck, the dev team will be pretty busy for the foreseeable future. So of course we are hiring,” says Spano, who says developers in the New England area should reach out to learn more.

For more information about EMA or to schedule a demo, visit or email

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