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Portfolio Welcome: Eduporium

Shout out to Boston-based Eduporium, the newest addition to the RevUp portfolio.

Eduporium is a one-stop marketplace that connects educational buyers with a curated catalog of STEM products and services available for purchase directly from the Eduporium site. Eduporium directly manages the pass through of products from the EdTech firms that make them to the schools and districts who want them.

With hundreds of EdTech companies offering every kind of product under the sun, the options available have quickly exceeded buyers' bandwidth to sort, review and select what will work best for their students / learning goals. Eduporium has leveraged this to build a loyal customer base that prefers to let the educational experts at Eduporium do the vetting for them!

The market for supplementary education products has exploded over the last ~15 years. Historically, most Edtech companies set themselves up to produce AND sell these products to educators. However the complexities of selling into educational environments has been the bane of existence for many otherwise intelligent and timely Ed Tech companies.

On the buy side, educators are overwhelmed by their options. For many educators, the task of selecting the best products has become a daunting barrier to utilization. Today, there are literally thousands of products that an educator could potentially purchase, many indistinguishable in functionality and efficacy from each other.

The purchasing problem extends well beyond having too many options to choose from. Buyers must also make selections that track to a rigid set of purchasing resources, constraints and mandated processes. Educators simply don’t have time to sort through what’s available, don’t want to meet one-on-one with every ed-tech company out there, and don’t have time to run every purchase through a de novo vendor selection and approval process.

This may explain why Eduporium has become the go-to-partner for educators across the U.S.. The Eduporium marketplace offers educators a one-stop shop for purchasing supplemental tools and products. They work directly with classroom teachers, district administrators, school librarians, makerspace leaders, and members of educational organizations to provide customized educational technology solutions that enhance experiential learning. By creating cooperative partnerships with EdTech, makerspace, and technology companies, they can curate and customize solutions to fit specific academic and budgetary needs.

We are thrilled to welcome Eduporium to the RevUp family. Stay tuned for updates...great things lie ahead for this fast=growing marketplace.


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