• RevUp is non-equity investment and support for companies moving fast up a revenue-fueled growth curve. Our method is built on 10+ years of investing and a drive to work with companies that are ready for rapid growth.



  • Non-Dilutive Capital & Growth Support

    RevUp is for B2B and B2C companies that are generating revenue, have a killer team, and significant growth potential. Companies receive $100-250K in non-equity, non-dilutive cash investment along with hands-on support from our in-house growth team and expert guidance from RevUp's managers. We focus on growth, and our companies return investment as a small percentage revenue over time.

  • Our History

    RevUp was created in 2014 by Allan Tear, Bill Cesare and Melissa Withers. After many years working as equity-only investors, we saw a need—and a golden opportunity—to innovate how we grow revenue-focused companies. We know that cash is best served with capacity and that growth is paramount to success. We built RevUp to optimize around those core values. Today, we have active investments in Boston, New York, and Pittsburgh.

    Our Team is Your Team

    We amplify our cash investment with hands-on support from the RevUp Growth team, built to help our companies design, launch, and benefit from data-driven growth experiments. While we don't take board seats, RevUp partners work closely with you to share what we've learned as successful entrepreneurs and as investors in 120+ companies.

    Non-Equity Funding

    Our zero-equity, revenue-based model is non-dilutive and complimentary to other funding. We focus on growth, and our companies return investment as a small percentage revenue over time.

    Eligibility & Selection

    We invest in companies that have repeatable revenue and solid month-over-month growth. Most companies enter our portfolio with annual revenues of $500K-$2M. We select for high quality teams with proven execution ability. Most importantly, we invest in companies where our resources will bend the curve and rapidly accelerate growth.

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  • Ready for More?

    RevUp invests on a rolling basis and conducts quarterly company screenings. If you are a revenue-generating company, focused on growth, and interested in learning more, get in touch by filling out our pre-screening form.

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  • The RevUp Team

    Allan Tear

    Allan is co-founder and managing partner of RevUp. Allan has invested in 120+ high-growth startups and managed a portfolio of companies that has raised more than $65M+ in follow-on funding and produced multiple exits. As a technology entrepreneur, Allan has founded three venture-funded startups. Allan is an active angel investor in early stage technology companies and advises national, state, and local government on nurturing high-growth startup ecosystems.

    Melissa Withers

    RevUp Managing Director Melissa Withers has overseen investments in 100+ companies across industries and at various stages of growth. Melissa's career began at Whitehead Institute for Biomedical Research at MIT, with a unique role developing communications for the Human Genome Project. She was also co-founder and executive director of the Business Innovation Factory, an organization dedicated to the design and testing of new business models in areas of high social impact. An amateur endurance athlete, Melissa can often be found out of breath, slightly sweaty, and on the lookout for a high-carb snack.


    Bill Cesare

    With 30 years experience as a serial entrepreneur, Bill has been a principal in over a dozen start-up companies in New England ranging from medical services, healthcare devices to internet information exchanges. He is an active Angel investor in over 25 start-up businesses in Rhode Island, and an early supporter and investor in Betaspring. Bill was a co-founder and lead investor of Teespring.com, and most recently founded IHSDigital, a social e-commerce marketing firm. 

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