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Portfolio Welcome: Gather Voices

We are pleased to send a warm welcome to our newest portfolio addition, Gather Voices

Gather Voices offers customers a Video Relationship Management platform to collect user generated content (UGC) and ready it for effective use it in their marketing, sales, and customer engagement activities. 

UGC is essential to creating compelling and authentic content across industries and verticals. But managing the collection production of this material is no small feat. Many organizations simply do not have the bandwidth or expertise to collect and prepare this contact for immediate use. And for so many organizations, immediacy is the key to impact. 

Gather Voices  makes this process easier and more accessible for organizations that don't have giant in-house content teams. The platform coordinates the workflows and makes it easy for a small team to collect and process information quickly and efficiently. No surprise that Gather Voices  has customers across the country using the platform every day.

By solving the immediate pain customers feel in not having the video they need by expanding the number of people that create video, the platform also strengthens the relationship organizations have with customers, members, employees, fans and other stakeholders. In doing this, Gather Voices  fills the  gap in the market left by the larger video platforms, that focus more on hosting and editing (eg Vimeo, Vidyard), or on real time collaboration (ie Zoom).

The Gather Voices team is among the best in the business. Co-founder and CEO Michael Hoffman spent over a decade as a digital market consultant running a digital marketing agency. He recognized a huge need for scalable video. His customers needed more video content, but professional videography is too slow and too expensive. He deeply understands the customer needs and the workflows that make it possible to use technology to speed up the video creation and sharing process.

Co-founder and CRO Joel Resnick has built and scaled 2 businesses to over $50M.  He has also sat in the seat of VP of Integrated Marketing who is responsible for driving engagement across channels and understands the challenge of creating video content.  His 15+ years in the entertainment industry also brings great insights and experience in what video marketing has been and what it can be  and how that translates to the broader organizations needs for video content.

We are thrilled to welcome the Gather Voices team to the RevUp portfolio! 



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