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RevUp Partner Melissa Withers on “Inside the Mind of Investors”

For earlier stage companies, the dynamic between investor and investee is profoundly important.  For RevUp Partner Melissa Withers, bringing visibility to this—and challenging traditional frameworks for how we see this dynamic—drives her personal and professional evolution as an investor. 

In a recent episode of the yCities podcast Inside the Mind of an Investor, Melissa has free range to talk about her personal experiences and beliefs, and how that influences her decisions as an investor. Check it out for a quick look into how Melissa thinks about the past, present, and future of early stage investing.  

Thanks to the hosts of this podcast for including us. If you haven’t checked out the yCities podcast yet, do it now! You can find it here.


More About RevUp Capital

 RevUp Capital invests in B2B and B2C companies that are revenue-driven and ready to double down on growth. We deploy cash and capacity to help companies grow from $1-3M to $10-30M, quickly and efficiently, using a non-equity, revenue-based model. Companies enter our portfolio with $500K-$3M in revenue, a strong growth rate, and a team that’s ready to scale. Our typical investment range is $300K-$500K. We invest into a company's market-facing activity using a cash and capacity model. We pair our cash investment with Q3 dedicated support from the RevUp Growth Platform: a powerful resource to build a data-driven growth engine, delivered by people who get the work done. Rather than take equity, companies return investment through a small percentage of revenue over time. More at



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