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Portfolio Welcome: Tonebase

Let the music play! We are thrilled to welcome California-based Tonebase to the RevUp portfiolio. Tonebase is a fully digital music education platform that delivers premium music instruction to intermediate-to-expert musicians.

More people play an instrument regularly then go to the gym. For adults who are not musical “beginners,” finding instructional coaching is difficult, cost prohibitive, and highly dependent on location. While others have tried to bring music lessons online, this approach is limited to real time interactions and these platforms are frequently tailored towards beginners.

Tonebase seamlessly connects their customers with on-demand, premium instructional content created by well-known and highly regarded musicians. Think “Master Class” for classical instruments, with a Netflix-like approach to on-demand content. They are truly the best in the business because they attract the best in the business.

Check them out at Tonebase to learn more or dive into their world class instructional content!

More About RevUp Capital RevUp Capital invests in B2B and B2C companies that are revenue-driven and ready to double down on growth. We deploy cash and capacity to help companies grow from $1-3M to $10-30M, quickly and efficiently, using a revenue-based model. Companies enter our portfolio with $500K-$3M in revenue, a strong growth rate, and a team that’s ready to scale. Our typical investment range is $300K-$500K.

We invest into a company's market-facing activity using a cash and capacity model. We pair our cash investment with dedicated support from the RevUp Growth Platform: a powerful resource to build a data-driven growth engine, delivered by people who get the work done. Rather than take equity, companies return investment through a small percentage of revenue over time. More at 


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