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Portfolio Welcome: Tozuda

If it's red, check your head!

We are thrilled to welcome our newest investment, Tozuda, into the RevUp Capital Portfolio.

Head injuries are not only bad for the health and wellbeing of athletes and workers, they are an expensive problem for insurers and employers. The real issue with impact head injuries is that they can be easily ignored. What people don’t understand is that after an impact, the brain is at heightened risk for more severe damage if a second impact occurs following the first. In short, after a “good knock on the head” a subsequent impact can have devastating consequences.

Enter Tozuda. The Tozuda impact indicator is designed to give a simple visual indication that an impact sufficient to cause a concussion has occurred and that the wearer should pause activities and get an assessment.

Tozuda is a non-electric impact indicator that, once affixed to a helmet or safety device, detects when an impact is forceful enough to cause a concussion. The device is purely mechanical and requires no power source to operate. The small device is mounted on self affixing tape and placed on the back of any helmet or hardhat. When triggered, the device turns red. In keeping with this functionality, the company has trademarked “If it’s red, check your head.”

The product is available direct to consumer and used by thousands of athletes every day. But the big win for Tozuda is getting its indicator affixed to helmuts in professional sports and industries like constructruction, Want to hear the story live? Watch a video of founder Jessie Garcia to get a good summary of the product and the company’s success in the market 

Excited to welcome Tozuda into the RevUp family. We know great things are in store for this fast growing company.


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