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Work Relay Acquired by Neostella

Big congrats to Work Relay (RevUp 2020) on their acquisition by Neostella. Neostella is a global hyperautomation company HQ'd in Milwaukee, WI. The acquition enables Neostella to add powerful workflow automation into their comprehensive set of offerings.

What made Work Relay such a prize? First off, WR's best in class business process management platform enables customers in retail, financial services, site installation, and CPG to bring together the management of processes and the management of projects into a single platform. By rethinking the way that work is planned, coordinated, and tracked, Work Relay has saved enterprise customers like Mars, Home Depot, Taco Bell, and P&G thousands of employee hours. The platform often replaces legacy software that costs an order of magnitude more and is at its end-of-life.

As companies scale, an increasing amount of work gets done in the space between one off projects (like the installation of a new accounting system) and production processes (like the manufacturing and quality control of a food item). These “repetitive projects” have aspects of production and of projects. As a result they are usually managed by project management offices across multiple software tools, at a high overhead. Both business analysts (who understand the business need and integration) and project managers (who understand the steps required to go from start to completion) must participate. Work Relay provides a unified system for this work to be planned, designed and implemented. Both business analysts and project managers can work within a single system to create processes, and manage the projects to change or update them, and monitor progress and results.

Hats off to founders Kramer Reeves and Jonathan Sapir for navigating Work Relay on an amazing journey, It has been a great pleasure to be even a small part of their journey!


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